Wellcom initiated its expertise in telecommunication through Cabling of Fiber optic and the reason for our success has been the procedures and standards we have been following for installation for our clients. The below information is the detailed information of our process we follow for our clients on the placement of fiber optic cables in various indoor and outdoor environments. In general, fiber optic cable can be installed with many of the same techniques used with conventional copper cables. Basic guidelines that can be applied to any type of cable installation are as follows:

  • Prepare a cable pulling plan.
  • Set standard procedures.
  • Ensure we do not exceed cable minimum bend radius.
  • Ensure we do not exceed cable maximum recommended load.
  • Document the installation. more....

Premium Line

All Premium Line working area components are designed and engineered to provide maximum flexibility and high performance.

Keystone Jacks suitable for communication socket connection between equipment room and working area meet the T568A and T568B wire order and are very compact in appearance. All general wire order labels are marked clearly on the modules for accurate and rapid terminal connection. The terminal connection cap ensures proper wire connection and avoids sliding.

Premium Line faceplates combine high capacity with multiple connectors, fit all types of standard keystone jacks or connectors with keystone jack mounted devices. The imbedded frame enables an easy installation; the sliding door with dust-proof function protects the module.

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